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Luxury living in the Giant Mountains, that’s Vrchlabí


The picturesque mountain town, situated in the northern part of the Hradec Králové region, at the Elbe river, is rightly called "the Giant Mountains Gate". The site, formerly known as the German name Hohenelbe or the Latin Albipolis, was well known in the Middle Ages. In the following years, the town was experiencing a business boom, complemented in the 20th century by the growing tourism, which, with the interruption of two world wars, attracts Czech and foreign tourists to this day.


Ski & Mt. bike apartments is situated at the boundary of the industrial and residential part of the town, bearing the name of Hořejší Vrchlabí. Its location presents an exceptional combination of urban background in the charming foothills of the Giant Mountains, almost within reach of all the jewels this locality offers. The premise of the house provides its owners with comfortable facilities, including a sufficient number of roofed parking spaces, a wellness area or a children's playground. This attractive offer is complemented by the excellent civic amenities of the town. Of course, there are plenty of shopping options, dining facilities and other services. Lovers of history and culture can visit one of the architectural sights or cultural institutions such as the renaissance chateau or one of the local museum expositions.


Whether you are a lovers of winter sports or admirers of mountain beauty, Vrchlabí is the ideal choice that combines the attractive setting of the stunning Giant Mountains, a well-equipped ski area and breathtaking fresh air along with comfortable living with a splash of luxury.


If you want to escape the daily hustle, Vrchlabí is the ideal choice for you.


Enjoy your holidays in the mountains and let your property earn from rent for the rest of the year. We will take care of new guests and ensure that they experience maximum hotel comfort during their stay.

The smallest apartments are suitable for individuals or couples.

They can help you earn a profit of up to 11% per year.

Enjoy enough space and privacy

and enjoy up to 9.6% appreciation per year

Take your entire family to the mountains

and earn up to 10.9% during the rest of the year

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